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The Tie-In

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m a bit fiction-centric here at The Binding Blog. But there are other great formats as well, and one of my favorites is the Tie-In. I’m not talking about the novel written from the screenplay who was written by three people and rewritten by half-a-dozen others. I’m talking about the other peripheral books produced regarding plays or movies or even other cultural events. I’m especially a sucker for ‘Making Of’ books. I own loads of these things—Pixar movies, the great Aardman stuff, Blue Sky Studios, and the list goes on. I just picked up a copy of the making of Paranorman.

But you don’t have to shoot a Hollywood feature to make one of these Tie-Ins. Make a book about a school play, or a fund-raiser (which can, in turn, be used to earn more funds for the cause), or a car wash put on by your senior class, or even an alternative year book with your own slant on the school year.

What I’m saying is there are all kinds of possibilities. Smart phones are great, as are Ipads and Kindles, but there is just something…impermanent about digital media. I know there are all sorts of back-up and storage options, but these things just aren’t physical. You want something you can hold in your hands, something people can huddle around and laugh at or admire.

You want a book. You know you do.

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