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Long Bindings & Custom Stuff

September 2, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Every now and then I get a request for a custom device. I recently built a super-wide Fan Binder—with an 18-inch capacity—for a customer in Boston. While I was at it I built an extra one just to sell. I also built a similarly large one for a company in New York last year.

That’s the beauty of binding your own stuff—the sky’s the limit. These customers had clients who needed something no large firm could provide. This is where the little guy can step in. One of the custom jobs in New York—this sounds like a Mob hit—involved an architect. He wanted over-sized sheets of his work bound for a client, and was willing to pay a premium for the work that could lead to some big bucks for himself. He couldn’t find anyone else to do it for him, and this was in NEW FREAKIN’ YORK! Imagine the possibilities in your own smaller pond.

So maybe you can’t compete with online companies who produce standard-sized books with standard materials dirt cheap. But they can’t—or won’t—produce an 18-inch behemoth of a book for a client who only needs 5 copies.

You gots to go where the business is, and that, my friend, is customization.

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